According to 2016 in-house creative services industry report, 92 percent of in-house creative professionals identify brand knowledge as part of their value proposition, 85 percent of in-house team members support advertising and 75 percent partner with external agencies.

Creativity is not a department; it’s everyone’s job. It’s the mission of a great CMO to draw creativity out of everyone. This means teaching people to be agile and to innovate with whatever they bring to the table and welcoming constant change. It means getting rid of the status quo processes, procedures and marketing models and relentlessly driving education and evolution. It means getting up every day ready to create, launch, learn and know you’re going to start all over again the next day.

The following 10 actions will foster an idea culture in your business.

1. Look for human truths

As a quick example, a large fast food chain we were working with needed to sell a new sandwich. Unfortunately, the sandwich had a name that was difficult to pronounce. Knowing that people love to correct mistakes on social media, we purposefully mispronounced the name of the sandwich throughout our campaign. This not only gave customers permission to order the sandwich — and have fun mispronouncing the name when doing so — but also encouraged an extraordinary amount of social conversation as people corrected our “mistake.”

2. Give your customers control and grow brand advocacy

You must also maintain consistency. As soon as your words or actions don’t reflect who you say you are as a brand, your customers will call you on it. It empowers its people at every level of the organization to live the brand; that mindset permeates every word and action. As a result, customers understand what the brand is all about.

3. Join your customers on their journey

4. Form alliances

5. Leverage technology, but don’t rely on it as an idea

6. Challenge the status quo every day

7. Create spaces that encourage collaboration

8. Get your leaders to commit to doing what it takes

9. Expect greatness from your partners

10. Keep your eye on the ball

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Ben Legg is an engineer, author and serial tech CEO. At The Portfolio Collective, he works with entrepreneurs to reinvent themselves and society

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